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Member Name: LV the voice of the people
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Hometown: brooklyn
Profile views: 1042
Profile member: Artist
About me:
Listening to the lyrics of Luvy "LV" Murray is like immersing oneself into a musical genre consisting of rhythmic vocals accompanied with the backing of beats. It is the mixing of the art of storytelling and hip hop while placing his unique personality in it. Born and raised within the boroughs of New York City, LV's musical roots were grounded in the church. That’s where he was divinely guided to gain a better understanding of the true purpose and direction of his life. He mastered the art of tickling the ivories of the wind organ and strumming the strings of the guitar. He also harmonized with the church choir and with a group of six other talented young men. This group later took form and was known as "Chosen Generation"-Chris, Ronald, Sharrod, Michael, Jamel, Troy and LV. “Chosen Generation” began gaining exposure with their vocal talents in church, birthday events, concerts and various talent shows where they sang both known and original inspirational material. They came in Second place at a HOT97, a locally syndicated radio station, talent show and gained a growing fan base. Though always a lover of music, LV recalls the moment in which his love affair with Hip Hop began, between the end of Slick Rick's, “Hey Young World”, and the beginning of a smooth summer rap by LL Cool J at a family barbeque. This blended sound birthed the cosmic sound of LV's present musical essence. He is an artist not unknown by the adversities of inner city life but unlike many young minorities of his time who have succumbed to these disparities, he used them as a catalyst to write, produce and perform music that inspires, connects and unites people who normally would have nothing in common. Never afraid of hard work he began to seek out his place in the music world. He began as a DJ and graduated to producing demos for local artists. He also developed and hosted a Brooklyn Cable Access (BCAT) station named "AnB Music World"; where he featured artist such as Graph, Shellz, and Bananaz. This local exposure later lead him in landing a job with Columbia Records as a DJ and a street promoter for mainstream artist such as 50 Cent, NAS, R Kelly, and Mariah Cary. Gaining an understanding of the business aspect in the Hip Hop industry LV wanted to add more to his diversity enrichment to his life by taking on an entrepreneurial role. In 1998 LV founded LuvProductionz to continue working with local and mainstream artist and to start giving back to the community which helped shape his character and musical endeavors. Engineering, producing, managing and promotion became his forte. He reconnected with members from Chosen Generation (Jetta, K.T. and CM Double) to record hits such as "So Sexy", "Hate Song" and "Watch Yourself". He also teamed up with Hood Fellaz, All-Stars and the Pimps and his artistic soul mate Uniq Being, an artist from New Jersey with a similar musical drive. Working with "Uniq Being" gave way to singles such "Old News", "Mr. Luvy". Inspirations of his singles have driven him into working on and the completion of his albums, "Love Me or Hate Me Vol. 1", "CBL Corner Boy Loyalty", and "The Definition of Luvy". On his spare time he takes the roll of Teacher. Where he is able to educate the children and young adults on how to become an Artist, Writer, Engineer and become an Entrepreneur. Educating them on how to build and compose a song as well engineering their own work. Also, lending a hand and showing them show to copyright their music and how to become a better performer. Enjoying his time with the children he founded the We Love Our Kids (W.L.K.) Foundation. In December of 2008 W.L.K. donated toys to Brookdale Hospital and brought joy to children that had no Christmas. Teaming up with Lacocochynnadoll President of Coco Nation was the stepping stone in his career giving him the opportunity to show case his ability to control and empower the ears that embraced his presence and style. LV has been building up his fan base through various venues and it can be noted that his ambitions are colossal. His visible and audible presence in business, music, and in life transcends barriers. His attention to detail and ability to think outside of the box has been noted and as a result LV has been nominated for a Hip Hop award with Upper State Independence Award show. This is the first of many accolades that will truly continue to keep LV on the artistic map. “Great singer, songwriter, artist and entrepreneur who has his game down pack” “Where do I see myself in 6months to 5yrs”? “I will be making noise in the music industry whether it’s as an artist or doing management, production. My whole goal is to do what I love and I won’t stop till I complete that task or I’m laid to rest by the GOD himself. I’m too talented to be stopped I can almost anything and if I can do it trust and believe I will have it down packed at the end of the day”. - Luvy "LV' Murray.

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